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Programme of meetings 2018

April 18th
11.00 am

Bridlington (Old Town), TA18(8)67(8)

Meet near Priory Church for season warm-up, walking the streets and open spaces around the old town. Monad or Tetrad recording to be decided as we go along. Old walls, large cemetery and some open spaces. Potential for garden escapes and interesting trees to boost TA16 tetrad total.

TA 177 680
May 16th
11.00 am

Little Driffield/Kings Mill, TA05

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Meet near Little Driffield Church, to walk south to Elmswell Beck Bridge, there taking FPs to Kings Mill and north back to Little Driffield. Permission will be sought to walk a short way up Elmswell Beck to look for Stellaria neglecta.

TA 010 578
June 20th
10.30 am

St Michael's Community Woodland, Garton in Holderness

Meet in the car park at St Michael's Church which is visible on the east side the B1242 to the South side of Garton. This 29 hectare community woodland was planted in 2013. There's also almost 1 hectare of pond and surrounding open space. This presents a potentially rewarding set of broad habitats, effectively fallow arable land, pioneer species on bare soil and ruderal species. A similar scenario at nearby Hollym Carrs Nature Reserve, 20 years ago, yielded rarities such as Euphorbia exigua and Anthemis cotula until the grass sward closed. Scandix pecten-veneris has been recorded nearby. There's a bridleway leading a short distance to derelict buildings at Ringborough Battery.

Lambwath meadows, only 3 miles away, holds promise for interesting species but will not accommodate our usual long day. I will continue to try a secure a plan for an afternoon visit but if it takes longer to get there than to appreciate the botany I think it best to abandon the idea.

TA 270 394
July 21st/22nd

Spurn Point, TA31/41

Two days jointly with the YNU. More detail to be provided - watch this space. There has been no BSBI recording in the TA31 Spurn Point part of the peninsula since 2000. Access to this part is now limited due to the breach and timing has to be tuned to the tides. Although planned by the YNU to take place in July, access to certain areas is likely to be strictly controlled due to the presence of ground-nesting birds. We may not get to see many key species e.g. Phleum arenarium.

August 15th
11.00 am

Houghton Wood/Moor, SE8837

Meet on the verge near cottages in North Cliffe. We will use public FP circuit anyway, but permission will be sought to deviate into other potentially good areas.

SE 873370
September 19th
11.00 am

Heslington Tilmire, SE6447

Meet at the Pool Bridge Farm Fishery and camping site off Wheldrake Lane about a mile East of its junction with the A19 at Crockey Hill There’s not much in it distance-wise whether one heads for Barlby via the A63 and up through Escrick, or to York and down the A64. Cross-country the route looks avoidable unless you know the area. Be prepared to spend a little on refreshments by way of thanks to the proprietors.

This venue is very close to Wheldrake Wood, visited last year, and records from here should boost the SE64 totals.

SE 641 464
October 17th
11.00 am

Nafferton, TA0558


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The programme may change over the year as new meetings are organised (or existing ones re-scheduled) so keep checking this page. It is always advisable to let Richard or Peter know if you intend to come so we can advise of any late changes.
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