How well are we progressing towards Atlas 2020?

If you have a reasonably up-to-date web browser installed on your computer, you should be able to use this page to see where plants have been recorded in the vice-county since 2000. The data have been extracted, at tetrad level, from the master MapMate database and will show the state-of-play upto the time of the "last updated" message at the bottom of this box.

To create a distribution map select the plant from the options in the drop-down box (if it isn't in there it hasn't been seen since 2000). Where data were available, the distribution for the plant as shown by the maps in Crackles' 1990 flora will then be plotted in grey. Superimposed in red will be the tetrads where it has been recorded since 2000.

Richard Middleton, last updated 20 October 2019


Current map:-