Henry Bendelack Hewetson (1850 - 1899)
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Henry Bendelack Hewetson (1850 - 1899)


From his Obituary, The Naturalist 1899

Henry Bendelack Hewetson was the eldest son of Henry Hewetson, also a known naturalist. He was born in Beverley but for most of his life his main residence was in Leeds. Professionally he was a surgeon but is best known as an ornithologist and antiquarian.


1850 Norwood, Beverley
1853 (about) Barton, Lincs.
1860 (about) Keldgate, Beverley
1865 (about) Leeds
1881 Census - Hanover-square, Leeds
1891 Census - Mount Pleasant, Easington, Yorkshire
some children and staff remain at his residence in Leeds.


  • Linnean Society
  • Zoological Society
  • Leeds Naturalists' Club and Scientific Association


  • Henry Hewetson (father)
  • John Cordeaux

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1850 April 3 : Birth ¹Bradford Observer - 1850 April 11
BIRTHS. On the 3rd inst., at Beverley, the wife of Henry, second son of John Hewetson, Esq. of Newland, of a son.
1863 January 26 :
Westwood incident
¹Beverley and East Riding Recorder - 1863 February 21
Stealing a Pistol. -Thomas Stephenson, remanded from last week charged with stealing pistol from Master Henry Hewitson, on the 26th January last, was again brought up. It appears that on the day in question. Master Hewitson was in the Westwood shooting, when the prisoner accosted him and asked for a charging of powder and one of shot, which was given him. Prisoner then said “I see a blackbird, lend your pistol and I will shoot it for you." He then snatched the pistol from the youth and made off amongst the bushes. ...
Prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to two calendar months to hard labour.

[Henry Bendelack Hewetson was only 12 years old!]
1873 : MRCS Henry B Hewetson became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons after studying at Leeds Grammar School and Leeds School of Medicine.
1874 December 31 : Marriage ¹Leeds Times - 1875 January 2
MARRIAGES. HEWETSON - INCHBOLD. - Dec. 31st, at St Clement's Church, New Leeds, by the Rev. T. S. Fleming, Henry H.[sic] Hewetson, M.R.C.S, to Eliza Mary, second surviving daughter of the late Mr. Thomas M. Inchbold, all of Leeds.
1885 : LNCSA Bendelack was elected president of the Leeds Naturalists' Club and Scientific Association.
1887 November 21 :
Song birds in Italy
London Evening Standard - LETTER
Sir, - During a recent stay in and about Florence, I hoped to have added to my knowledge of Ornithology by observing the habits of birds in Italy. But, although I went out into the country frequently I could find but few; in fact, I saw more gunners - "pot hunters" - than birds.
On going round the new market in Florence the reason was at once apparent. There lay our feathered favourites, literally in heaps. I saw piles of robins, hedge-sparrows, tits, wrens, thrushes, &c. Of course, larks were there by thousands, but so long as Leadenhall offers larks for sale, an Englishman cannot complain. But I must enter a strong protest against every small bird being shot to make up the nondescript pie of the modern Florentine - "Four-and-twenty tom-tits all in a pie." The Germans and Swiss have complained that all their Song-birds, which are protected by "Bismarckian Birds Acts," are shot during the Autumn migrations through Italy, and that they return in greatly diminished numbers each Spring-time. I believe I am right in saying that all Europe protects its Songsters, except the Italians, who destroy every living thing so soon as it crosses the border on its Southern migration.
I am, Sir, your obedient servant, H. BENDELACK HEWETSON, 11, Hanover-square, Leeds, November 21
1889 : Societies H B Hewetson was elected a fellow of the Linnean and Zoological Societies.
1896 : LNCSA Bendelack was again elected president of the Leeds Naturalists' Club and Scientific Association.
1899 May 13 : Death ¹Yorkshire Gazette - 1899 May 20
DEATHS. BENDELACK HEWETSON. - On the 13th instant, Henry Bendelack, F.L.S., M.R.C.S., F.G.S., &c., eldest son of Henry and Clementine Hewetson, of West Park House, Scarborough, and for 16 years Honorary Ophthalmic and Aural Surgeon of the Leeds Infirmary, in his 50th year.

[Link to images and transcriptions of the Hewetson monuments in Manor Road Cemetery, Scarborough.]

1 Transcription reproduced with kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive

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