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Rev Henry Elliott Fox (1841 - 1926)

Henry Elliott Fox is perhaps best known in botanical circles for his significant contribution to the exchange clubs. Through this he is well represented in many British herbaria; his vast personal herbarium was gifted to G. C. Druce. He was also an enthusiastic ornithologist and a member of the British Ornithologists' Union from 1865.

Henry was a member of the wealthy Fox family of Westoe and Durham. His father, Rev Henry Watson Fox (1817 - 1848), was an enthusiastic missionary and Henry Elliott Fox was born in India, returning to his grandpartent's Durham house as a small child. Four of his father's brothers were ordained in the Church of England and the fifth, Sir William Fox (1812 - 1893), became Prime Minister of New Zealand. He was orphaned at the age of seven and brought up in his paternal grandmother's house in South Bailey, Durham. His paternal grandfather, George Townshend Fox FLS (1781 - 1848) had strong connections with the Newcastle Museum, an uncle, Rev Charles Fox (1816 - 1854), of Belle Isle, Michigan, USA, was a keen ornithologist and his cousin, William Amherst Hayne (1847 - 1873), collected plants in the Middle East.


1841 Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.
1845 South Bailey, Durham
1867 Kilburn, Middlesex
1869 Cornmarket, Oxford
1872 Park Villas, Oxford
1874 Broadway, Westminster
1875 Warwick-square, London SW
1882 South Bailey, Durham
1897 Fairview, Kingston Hill, Surrey
1899 The Croft, Putney



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Henry was also a hymn writer. is located at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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1841 October 21 : Birth Birth of Henry Elliott Fox, son of Rev Henry Watson Fox and Elizabeth James at Masulipatnam (Machilipatnam), Andhra Pradesh, India.
1866 July 11 :
Marriage 1
¹Oxford Journal - 1866 July 21
MARRIED. July 11, at Great Bardfield, Essex, by the Rev. George Townshend Fox, of Durham, Henry Elliott Fox, Esq., of Lincoln’s-inn, only son of the late Rev. Henry Watson Fox, of Wadham College, Oxford, and Missionary to the Teloogoo people, South India, to Emily Stebbing Sandle, eldest daughter of William Sandle, Esq., of Park Hall, in the county of Essex, and Upper Brunswick-place, Brighton.
1869 : Oxford,
St Ebbe's
¹Oxford Journal - 1869 February 27
ORDINATIONS … The following were licenced to Curacies … Mr. Fox, to St. Ebbe's, Oxford.
1868 : Skye Henry Elliott Fox accompanied M A Lawson and Prof D Oliver on their two-week botanical excursion to Syle in July. The results were published in the Journal of Botany the following year
Lawson, M. A. 1869. On the flora of Skye. Journal of Botany, 7 108 - 114.
[BiodiversityHeritage Library]
1871 September 12 :
Marriage 2
¹Reading Mercury - 1871 Seprember 16
MARRIAGES. On the 12th inst., at St. Mary’s, Putney, the Rev. Henry Elliott Fox, M.A., curate of St. Ebbe’s, Oxford, to Frances Alice, daughter of the Rev. Henry Highton, of the cedars, Putney.
1873 : Westminster,
Christ Church
¹Durham County Advertiser - 1873 June 6
We are happy to state that the Rev. Henry E. Fox, curate of St. Ebbe's. Oxford, has accepted the vicarage of Christ Church, Westminster, on the presentation of Canon Conway, rector of St. Margaret's. Mr. Henry E. Fox is the nephew the Rev. George T. Fox. of Durham. and son of the eminent missionary - the record of whose labours in India in connexion with the Church Missionary Society is one of the most interesting chapters in Missionary Biographies. The new incumbent of Christ Church is, we are thankful to learn, a worthy son of his father, adhering to distinctive Evangelical principles of the purest type, and adorning his profession by an exemplary life, and zeal for the spiritual interests of the people committed to his care. - Record.
1873 : Herbarium specimens Hooker, J. D. 1874. Report for the year 1873 of the herbarium and library of the Royal Gardens, Kew. Journal of Botany, 3 new series 208 - 210
HERBARIUM [donations] … The Rev. H. E. Fox; Sinai & Palestine Herbarium, of about 1000 species, formed by his cousin the late W Amherst Hayne, M.A. …
1882 : Durham,
St Nicholas
¹Newcastle Journal - 1882 July 17
On Sunday evening, after service, the Rev G. T. Fox announced to the congregation of St Nicholas', Durham, that he had resolved to resign the incumbency of that parish, which he has held for the last 26 years. Mr Fox, who is the owner of extensive property in the counties of Durham and Northumberland …
We understand that the Vicarage of St. Nicholas' has been offered by the Marquess of Londonderry to Mr Fox's nephew, the Rev Henry Elliott Fox, M.A., Vicar of Christ Church, Westminster …
1885 : Caithness & Sutherland He made an expedition to Caithness and Sutherland with Frederick J Hanbury in 1885. They published their results in the Journal of Botany.
Fox, H. E. and Manbury, F. J. 1885. Botanical notes of a tour in Caithness and Sutherland, July, 1885. Journal of Botany, 23 333 - 338.
[Biodiversity Heritage Library.]
1895 : Church Missionary Society ¹Hull Daily Mail - 1895 August 14
The General Committee of the Church Missionary Society yesterday appointed the Rev. Henry G. [sic] Fox, of Durham, to be hon. secretary of the society in succession to the Rev. F. E. Wigram.
He retained this post until 1910.
1901 : Prebendary of St Paul's ¹The Globe - 1901 October 24
ECCLESIASTICAL APPOINTMENTS. … Rev. H. E. Fox, honorary secretary of the Church Missionary Society, prebendary of Holborn in St Paul's Cathedral.
1906 August 30 :
Marriage 3
St Bride's, Fleet-street - Marriage of Henry Elliott Fox (widower, full age) Clerk in Holy Orders of the Salisbury Hotel, son of Henry Watson Fox, Clerk in Holy Orders, to Effie James (spinster, full age) of Kettering, daughter of Henry James, Clerk in Holy Orders. Witnesses Arthur Henry James and Julia Cave.
1912 : Far East ¹Oxfordshire Weekly News - 1913 January 22
The Rev. Henry Elliott Fox, who is Prebend of Holborn in St. Paul's Cathedral, the father of the vicar of St. Peter's-le-Bailey, gave a very interesting lecture in Hannington Hall last week to the members of the Gleaners' Union, on his travels in Japan. Prebendary Fox … has recently made a tour round the world, and was in Japan during the illness of the late Emperor. Some very good lantern slides of Japanese scenery were shown …
1926 May 12 : Death ¹West Midlands Gazette - 1926 May 29
PERSONALIA The Rev. Henry Elliott Fox, who has just died at the age of 80, was born in Southern India and educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. He entered Lincoln's Inn, but elected for the Church instead of the law, and was ordained by Dr. Samuel Wilberforce to an Oxford curacy. Four years later he came to Christ Church, Westminster, as its Vicar, until 1882 when he went to St. Nicholas's, Durham. In 1887 he joined the late Edward Clifford on a mission to India, and visited the missions in Madras which had been founded by his father nearly half a century before. In 1895 he was appointed secretary of the Church Missionary Society, and until 1920, when he resigned, the work grew in power and volume under his administration. His prebend in St. Paul's Cathedral came to him in 1901.

Druce, G. C. 1926. Obituary - Fox, Prebendary Henry Elliott, Botanical Exchange Club report for 1926, 8(1), 91 - 92.
[Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.]

1 Transcription reproduced with kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive

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