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News, additions and changes


Spring clean 2021 & new pages

The site has been given a tidy-up to impose a consistent navigation and a more uniform look to the pages.

On the 200th anniversary of its discovery, a page outlining the excavation of the Kirkdale cave and an evaluation of the roles played by various local and national characters. It can be accessed from the "Archives" menu.

Richard Middleton, 2021 February 8

Addition of Obituary links

The Biodiversity Heritage Library now provides long runs of important Natural History journals, many of which printed obituaries containing interesting and useful biographical information. We have now implemented a page of links to this material. For the next few weeks we will be concentrating on The naturalist, The Journal of botany and The entomologist but would be interested to hear of other journals which users may consider important.

R. & J. R. Middleton, 2016 September 20


The whole site has now been re-written to be compliant with the HTML5 standard. It is hoped that this will ensure that the pages are rendered more consistently, particularly on mobile devices, and that they will be better indexed by the major search engines.

Richard Middleton, 2016 February 16

End of testing phase

The website has now been live for two weeks, over which period we have tweaked the structure and format in line with our own experience and comments by others; we do not anticipate any more major changes to the site. We will now concentrate on formatting and mounting the material we have previously gathered.

During the initial stages we intend to concentrate on Victorian botanists/geologists and would be interested to hear from anyone who has material that they would like to make more widely available.

J. R. & R. Middleton, 2014 October 27

Launch of website

We are delighted to announce the launch of the natstand website.

J. R. & R. Middleton, 2014 October 12

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