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About this site ...

The intention of this initiative is to bring together biographical data for selected British naturalists. After ten years of additions we hope that the site can now be considered useful, it will never be complete and we hope to continue adding new material as and when it becomes available.

From time to time the format and organisation of the pages may change as we respond to technical challenges and new ideas. The part that will remain constant is the modular repository of pdf files, with unique and constant names, each of which will relate to a particular aspect or event in the life of a botanist, geologist, etc. The emphasis will always be on assembling well referenced material of a biographical nature. We will supplement this with links to "stable" and reputable internet resources and archives.

The material used will be either out of copyright or reproduced with the consent of the copyright holder (which will be made clear in the documents). We encourage the use of this material in any not-for-profit enterprises but would require that the natstand project is acknowledged. Since there will be a constant updating to the content of the documents it is suggested that links to the material are used on other websites, etc, rather than copies. The URLs of the pdf documents will not change but the content may well be corrected and expanded.

Richard Middleton & James R. Middleton

the The unknown naturalist - a representation of all those who have gone before us ...

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