South-east Yorkshire, v.c. 61 Local group

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Map of vc61 Recorder: Richard Middleton

12 Meaux Road

Recorder: Peter J Cook

15 Park Avenue
HU19 2JX

BSBI vice-county 61 local group

We have just completed our 4th recording season as a BSBI Local group and the fruit of our labours can be seen by examining the data maps presented in the Atlas 2020 section of the website. The Progress maps shows 10km (hectad) maps for every plant we have recorded, compared with the distribution mapped in Atlas 2000. It will be apparent that our three-year "selected tetrad" recording initiative has been very successful in ensuring a reasonably even coverage of the vice county. The Tetrad maps show the data, at a finer level, superimposed on the 1990 maps from Eva Crackles' 1990 flora (when available). These should help with the identification of areas which may be profitably concentrated on in the future.

All of the meetings shown on the Programme page have now been completed and it is hoped that a new programme will published early in the new year. We intend to tailor next season visits to the closer examination of sites which have been historically important, with the intention of trying to re-finding some of the lost taxa. If you have any suggestions for such sites let us know and we will try to include them on the agenda.

The News tab is primarily for reports on recording activity whether at Local Group meetings or by individuals whereas Articles are typified by the first one from John Killingbeck. Hopefully we are inspired to look above eye level for mistletoe and also to record trees! However, please contribute to these pages, if only an In Brief note of something of general interest.

Peter Cook & Richard Middleton : October 2016

Apple-of=Peru Nicandra physalodes, Hull

Spotted Medick Medicago arabica, Kelfield

Some of the alien plants encountered in the vice-county this year.